Initial Publication Date: August 20, 2019

UGC Sea Level Rise Unit

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Sea Level Rise Unit Planning Guide (Acrobat (PDF) 2.7MB Aug21 19)

Sea Level Rise Unit Materials (Zip Archive 55.6MB Aug21 19)


Sea level rise is a measurable, observable change in the Earth system that affects coastal ecosystems and human populations. This unit explores the causes, consequences, and mitigation of sea level rise. Through activities, datasets, and Earth system modeling, learners construct explanations about how the water cycle, greenhouse effect, and human activities are connected to this phenomenon.

Context for Use

Grade Level: High School (adaptable for Middle School)

Class: Integrated Earth & Life Science

Instructional Time: 4-5 weeks

Learning Objectives

Students will ...

  1. Analyze data to understand how changes in the greenhouse effect and water cycle caused by human activities have resulted in global sea level rise (HS-ESS2-2)
  2. Construct explanations based on evidence that sea level rise due to anthropogenic climate change affects human populations around the world (HS-ESS3-1).

CLEAN Resources Used in this Unit

Datasets Used in this Unit

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