Virtual Teaching

Remote teaching and learning have become more widespread, creating a need for curated resources for teachers, parents, and families. CLEAN has created these pages to help guide teachers and caregivers of students at home through CLEAN's virtual offerings. We offer tips for navigating the CLEAN collection on the Resources for Teachers page and we feature resources for classroom-based remote learning, homeschooling, and/or educational weekend fun on the Resources for Parents and Families page. While the Parents and Families page is tailored more towards those with kids in the home, we encourage all educators to look through that list of curated remote resources as they may find something useful for their remote teaching.

Resources for Teachers

This page offers suggestions on how to utilize the CLEAN collection for distance learning. It also includes external suggestions and lists from our partners and other online resources.

Resources for Parents and Families

We gathered resources we think would appeal to families with children at home, along with some suggested tips for pedagogical tools caregivers can use to engage students deeper. We especially targeted younger audiences since we know elementary-level teaching may be difficult to do online, but we included resources for kids of any age to learn about various climate and energy topics.

CLEAN Virtual Learning Sessions

Take your teaching about climate and energy to the next level with the CLEAN virtual learning lessons. These live lessons are adapted from resources in the CLEAN Collection.

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