Guidance in Elementary Teaching About Climate and Energy

Climate and energy are complex and interdisciplinary topics, making them challenging to incorporate into elementary classrooms.

These pages offer easy-to-read explanations of issues teachers may encounter or ideas they should consider when designing and implementing elementary climate and energy teaching curricula. Each page is illustrated with examples to help teachers determine best practices for their classrooms. This section contains:

Strategies for Teaching Climate Science in Elementary

These pages walk teachers through effective strategies that teachers can apply with students to help them understand and connect with the challenging topic of climate science.

Strategies for Teaching Climate Science in Elementary in Spanish / Estrategias de Enseñanza de Ciencia Climática Primaria

Fundamental Climate Science Principles for Elementary Teachers

Wondering how to connect your classroom content with climate science? The interdisciplinary nature of climate science creates opportunities to connect to several fundamental concepts that you teach about every day.

Fundamental Concepts in Spanish / Conceptos Fundamentales de Ciencia Climática

Elementary Climate Science & NGSS

Look up which elementary NGSS are relevant to climate and energy science.

CLEAN Elementary Webinar

Register for or watch the recording of our webinar on using CLEAN Resources and Support to Teach Elementary Climate Science.

CLEAN Elementary Resources

Explore resources from the CLEAN collection that can be implemented in elementary-level classrooms. You can find all grade levels in the larger CLEAN collection by following the redirection at the top of the page.

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