Explore the CLEAN Collection of Educational Resources

Accurate education about climate and energy topics has never been more important, and it can be challenging to locate reliable, vetted educational materials to use in your classroom. CLEAN is here to help you find the resources that you need, without wondering about their scientific credibility or educational value.

With over 700 items in the CLEAN collection, there are multiple ways to find the resources you need:

    "CLEAN is BY FAR the most reliable resource for teachers to seek out curricula that they can build their work upon."

    -Michael, Fredonia College

Count on CLEAN:

  • Every item in the CLEAN collection is rigorously peer-reviewed by teams of educators and scientists. All resources are free and available online.
  • The CLEAN project is funded by the National Science Foundation, NOAA, and the Department of Energy.
  • CLEAN has been recognized by the Webby Awards and the National Center for Science Education.
  • The collection is widely used by the education community, and now receives over 16,000 monthly website visits.
  • Materials are designed for the for K-12 teacher, college educator, informal educators, and anyone looking for quality educational resources. The collection includes lesson plans, projects, videos, demos, and more.
  • The entire collection is NGSS-integrated and ready to support three-dimensional learning.