The CLEAN Educator Newsflash: Sharing Climate & Energy Resources

The CLEAN Educator Newsflash is a topical newsletter that links selected resources from the CLEAN collection with current climate and energy events in the news. This series features a variety of top-rated CLEAN resources—from activities, labs, and demonstrations to data sets, visualizations and videos—to support educators in connecting climate and energy to our everyday lives.

The new CLEAN Network Newsflash, which can be accessed here, shares opportunities, events, and items shared via the CLEAN Network and in the climate and energy literacy community.

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CLEAN Educator Newsflash: Wildlife
This month, CLEAN's featured resources discuss the connection between climate change, wildlife, and ecosystems. Climate change poses significant threats to wildlife, disrupting ecosystems, altering habitats, and jeopardizing the delicate balance of biodiversity. We hope to help you inspire your students to become passionate advocates for the protection and conservation of our planet's wildlife and ecosystems.

Learn about Flooding with CLEAN, complete with our resource features like the HEART Force Flood Game, a video from the CDC explaining how climate change can cause extreme precipitation and flooding, and a news article that focuses on extreme flooding in Yellowstone and how it affects the National Park's gateway towns.

Spanish Translations
Learn about CLEAN resources that are now translated into Spanish! This includes principles about teaching climate and energy, culturally relevant climate teaching, and elementary pages.

Storms and Hurricanes
Learn about storms and hurricanes with CLEAN, including an activity on investigating the effect of warmer temperatures on hurricanes, a video that asks the question, what causes a thunderstorm? and a news article that focuses on how climate change is rapidly fueling super hurricanes.

Learn about biodiversity with CLEAN, including activity on climate change and risks of new pandemics, a video that documents the effects of increasing global temps on biodiversity and a news article that focuses on COP15's landmark biodiversity agreement.

Climate Resilience
Learn about climate resilience with CLEAN, complete with resources major storms and community resilience, a video that investigates American and Dutch architects striving to make New York's coastline safer, and a news article that focuses on equity in resilience, specifically planning for hurricanes.

Learn about droughts with CLEAN, including the HEART Force Drought Game, a video on the Southern Great Plains and Southwest and a news article on climate change's effect on droughts in the Northern Hemisphere.

Learn about visualizations with CLEAN, including activity on sea-level rise for Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, a video that focuses on El Niño and La Niña events, and a news article on visualizing climate data.

Climate Mental Health
Learn about climate mental health with CLEAN, including climate mental health tools for Educators, a webinar conference - Beyond Doom and Gloom: How to Teach Climate Change Towards Empowerment, and Climate and Mental Health film screening.

Severe Weather
Learn about severe weather with CLEAN, including activity on extreme weather on Earth, a video that asks the question, does climate change cause extreme weather? and a news article that focuses on how climate change affects tornado season - and how it doesn't.