The CLEAN Educator Newsflash: Sharing Climate & Energy Resources

The CLEAN Educator Newsflash is a topical newsletter that links selected resources from the CLEAN collection with current climate and energy events in the news. This series features a variety of top-rated CLEAN resources—from activities, labs, and demonstrations to data sets, visualizations and videos—to support educators in connecting climate and energy to our everyday lives.

The new CLEAN Network Newsflash, which can be accessed here, shares opportunities, events, and items shared via the CLEAN Network and in the climate and energy literacy community.

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January 2024 Water
Kicking off the new year, CLEAN is providing resources for you to discuss the importance of water. Student will learn about how much water is in the food they eat, discuss worldwide droughts & water shortages, and connect the science of water to their own communities.

December 2023 Polar Science
This month, CLEAN is providing resources for you to take your class on an ice expedition, the Polar Lab. They will discover glacier ice and its impacts on the Earth's climate, as well as people's day to day lives. Watch how Ladakhi communities rely on glacial water and meet a Ladakhi teacher and engineer who devised a method to capture and store glacial runoff into magnificent ice pyramids.

November 2023 Educator Newsflash: ACCEL Kick-off
Last week's event was a kick-off for six amazing working groups who are going to begin meeting regularly around topics that they self-identified as being important to the community. Whether you were able to attend or not, we encourage you to join any of the working groups, no matter your availability. Please find the link to the working group sign-ups in the Newsletter.

November 2023: Teach Climate Literacy Principles in the classroom
The Climate Literacy Principles were created by the U.S. Global Change Research Program to promote greater climate science literacy by providing this educational framework of principles and concepts. These pages offer easy-to-read explanations of science and policy, designed to step students through the key principles of climate and energy. Each page is illustrated with examples to bring these topics alive in your classroom, and includes relevant resources from the CLEAN Collection.

October 2023 Educator Newsflash: New Resources
CLEAN has been hard at work reviewing resources to update our Collection. We are happy to share some of CLEAN's newest resources for you to use in your future lesson plans! Read more on a video, activity, and lesson that will be relevant for you and your students.

September 2023 Educator Newsflash: Most Popular Resources
We are officially back to school! This month, we wanted to share some of the most popular resources from the CLEAN Collection so you can use them in your classroom. Here, CLEAN shares educators' top picks to incorporate in the classroom this past year, from debating energy discovering global wind & weather patterns!

August 2023 Educator Newsflash: Back to School
As we are all gearing up to go back to school, we wanted to share some of the most popular resources from the CLEAN Collection. Here, CLEAN shares educators' top picks to incorporate in the classroom this year, from temperature and seasons, to measuring the solubility of carbon dioxide in water!

July 2023 Educator Newsflash: Wildlife
This month, CLEAN's featured resources discuss the connection between climate change, wildlife, and ecosystems. Climate change poses significant threats to wildlife, disrupting ecosystems, altering habitats, and jeopardizing the delicate balance of biodiversity. We hope to help you inspire your students to become passionate advocates for the protection and conservation of our planet's wildlife and ecosystems.

Learn about the United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP, with CLEAN, complete with resources on the 27th Conference of Parties (COP27) including activity on greenhouse emissions reduction, a simulation on tribal climate tools and a news article that tells you all you need to know about this year's big UN Climate Conference.

Storms and Hurricanes
Learn about storms and hurricanes with CLEAN, including an activity on investigating the effect of warmer temperatures on hurricanes, a video that asks the question, what causes a thunderstorm? and a news article that focuses on how climate change is rapidly fueling super hurricanes.