Initial Publication Date: September 7, 2012

Teaching Materials Created as Part of this Workshop

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Emphasizing Climate Communication

These activities build on teaching materials from the CLEAN reviewed collection along with suggested communications strategies for teaching challenging aspects of climate science.

Communications Booster: Carbon Cycle and Carbon Reservoirs
by Alberto Ramirez, Frederick Community College, Elisabeth Harthcock, San Jacinto College, and Laura Rico-Beck, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Communications Booster: Exploring Regional Differences in Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations
by Anna Lewis, University of South Florida, Jon A. Leydens, Colorado School of Mines, and Julie Lambert, Florida Atlantic University

Communications Booster: The Great "LOCAL AND RENEWABLE" Energy Debate
by Dan Steinberg, Princeton University, Serena Poli, Eastern Michigan University, and Nicole Colston, Oklahoma State University

Communications Booster: Curbing Emissions
by Nicole Colston, Oklahoma State University, Charlie Cottingham, Frederick Community College, Susan Spierre, Arizona State University, and Paul Ruscher, Florida State University

Debunking Climate Myths

These pages present strategies for addressing common climate misconceptions in the classroom, derived from The Debunking Handbook , by John Cook and Stephan Lewandowsky.

Do the Oceans have Infinite Heat Capacity?
by Laura Rico-Beck, Museum of Science and Industry; Paul Ruscher, Florida State University; Maureen Aylward, Northeastern University

Do Scientists Agree about the Causes of Climate Change?
by Daniel Steinberg, Princeton University; Susan Buhr, CIRES University of Colorado Boulder; Susan Spierre, Arizona State University; Julie Lambert, Florida Atlantic University