Please jump into these discussions to introduce yourself, to share your ideas about topics you've heard during the workshop, and to brainstorm for ideas about effective communication of climate science.

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5541 1333133587 Welcome - Please introduce yourself here
Karin Kirk Mar, 2012
24 1333601890 Hi, I (Dave Dempsey) am a meteorologist on the ...
Dave Dempsey Apr, 2012
5542 1333487141 Know your Audience - So who's your audience
Karin Kirk Apr, 2012
4 1333570828 My audience includes teachers, students, and ...
Stacy DeVeau Apr, 2012
5543 1333569791 MythMisconception List
Karin Kirk Apr, 2012
4 1333573386 Angelo & Cross's book referred to earlier today ...
Paul Ruscher Apr, 2012
5545 1333582251 When scientific evidence and argument aren't enough why not And what is enough
Dave Dempsey Apr, 2012

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