Initial Publication Date: April 30, 2012

Workshop Participants

Invited Speakers

Richard Alley, Penn State University
David Archer, University of Chicago
Leilani Arthurs, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Susan Buhr, CIRES, University of Colorado
John Cook, Skeptical Science and University of Queensland
Christa Farmer, Hofstra University
Robert MacKay, Clark College
Kai Niebert, University of Hannover
Randy Richardson, University of Arizona
Brian Soden, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami
Harry Stern, University of Washington, Applied Physics Laboratory

Workshop Participants

Andrea Bixler , Biology , Clarke University
Robert Bleicher , School of Education , CSU Channel Islands
Sarah Brylinsky , American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment , Second Nature, Inc.
Erik Christensen , Natural Science , South Florida Community College
Beth Christensen , Environmental Studies , Adelphi University
Carolina Collaro , Nova Gorica IUAV University
Lindsay Dubbs , Institute of Marine Sciences and Institute for the Environment , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dave Finster , Chemistry , Wittenberg University
Kyle Fredrick , Earth Sciences , California University of Pennsylvania
Harold Geller , Physics, Astronomy and Computational Sciences , George Mason University
Melissa Godek , Earth and Atmospheric Sciences , SUNY Oneonta
Pamela Gore , Science , Georgia Perimeter College
Timothy Heaton , Earth Sciences , University of South Dakota
Deborah Huntzinger , School of Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability , Northern Arizona University
Kristopher Kraus , Earth Gauge , National Environmental Education Foundation
Benjamin Laabs , Geological Sciences , SUNY Geneseo
Candace Lutzow-Felling , Blandy Experimental Farm , University of Virginia
Suzanne O'Connell , E&ES , Wesleyan University
Mathieu Richaud , Earth and Environmental Sciences , Fresno State
Lane Seeley , Physics , Seattle Pacific University
Alicia Siegrist, Physical Sciences, Anne Arundel Community College
Ed Sharron , National Park Service , Northeast Temperate Network
Andrew Stubblefield , Forestry and Wildland Resource , Humboldt State University
Terry Tremwel , Walton College of Business , University of Arkansas
Jeanne Troy , Koshland Science Museum , National Academy of Sciences
Ondine Wells , University of Florida
Shuang-Ye Wu , Geology , University of Dayton

Workshop Leaders

Karin Kirk, Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College
Cathy Manduca, Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College
Sara Harris, University of British Columbia
Stephen Taylor, Kaua`i Community College
Monica Bruckner, Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College