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CLEAN is here to support all teachers with climate and energy education, from the first-year teacher, to the nature center field trip leader, to the veteran teacher wishing to stay up-to-date. Explore the many ways that CLEAN can support your teaching!

Using CLEAN Resources in Your Teaching

The following three approaches were designed to help you create units using CLEAN resources. Each uses a different method for designing comprehensive 3D learning units, either following the NGSS or the Understanding Global Change (UGC) framework.

Create CLEAN & NGSS Units Guide

Create your own climate and energy units using CLEAN resources. This guide provides an overview, planning template and tools for building NGSS-aligned instructional units, and classroom-ready examples. Start creating customized units »

Understanding Global Change Instructional Guide

The UGC Units and Planning Guide provide step-by-step guidance for designing new units or revising existing curricula to support learning about Earth's climate as a dynamic, interconnected system. View the instructional guide »

Earth System Investigations

The Earth Systems Investigations (ESIs) are suggested learning paths that integrate resources from the CLEAN Collection and other trusted science and data content sites into a three-dimensional learning sequence that is engaging. Two example investigations are provided: (1) Carbon Cycle and (2) Ecosystems. Check out these instructional units »

Managing climate change discourse in the classroom

The goal of teaching climate change doesn't have to include steering clear of any possible controversy. Instead, consider how your classroom can offer a safe, trusting environment for all students to explore the topic. This page aims to help educators navigate the controversial aspects of climate change, and offers concrete suggestions for how to foster an open dialog with students, parents, or co-workers. Managing Controversy in the Classroom »

National Climate Assessment Teaching Resources

Learn about the National Climate Assessment (NCA), which offers a wealth of actionable science about the causes, effects, risks and possible responses to human-caused climate change. NOAA, the NCAnet Education Affinity Group, and members of the CLEAN Network have developed a series of guides for educators that focus on the regional chapters of the Assessment Report, helping to unpack the key messages of each region and point to related, high-quality online resources. Learn more about the NCA resources »

Virtual Teaching

Are you looking for ways to engage kids in fun, age-appropriate science, but not sure how to wade through the thousands of resources available on the internet? Check out these pages to find ways to search CLEAN and suggestions of resources that teach kids about Climate Change through age-appropriate videos, interactive visualizations, and hands-on science! Learn more about virtual teaching »

Understanding Global Change Teaching Resources

Understanding Global Change is a suite of online and interactive resources from UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology that support teaching and learning about climate change and the Earth as a system. Use the UGC tools to construct your own explanatory models about global change phenomena. Learn more about the UGC resources »


The CLEAN STEM Flash is a topical newsletter that links selected resources from the CLEAN collection with current climate and energy events in the news. The series features a variety of top-rated CLEAN resources—from activities, labs, and demonstrations to data sets, visualizations and videos—to support educators in connecting climate and energy to our everyday lives. Read the newsletters and sign up to receive them »


Join upcoming webinars to learn more about CLEAN or view the archive of recorded webinars highlighting the collection and how it can be used to teach about climate and energy topics. Watch the webinar series »


CLEAN offered several online workshops on many facets related to teaching about climate and energy. Check out presentations, products, and other information related to these workshops. Explore the workshop pages »

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