Initial Publication Date: September 7, 2012

Teaching Materials Created as Part of this Workshop

Participants in this workshop worked together to create new teaching activities that assemble various elements from the CLEAN reviewed collection to present a comprehensive treatment of one aspect of the climate system. These materials are not yet part of the CLEAN collection of reviewed resources.

See the complete list of activities created at CLEAN workshops

Comparing Climate Records from Multiple Locations
by Beth Christensen, Adelphi University; Melissa Godek, SUNY Oneonta; Pamela Gore, Georgia Perimeter College; Benjamin Laabs, SUNY Geneseo

Modeling the Complexities of the Carbon Cycle Utilizing Excel
by Andrea Bixler, Clarke University; Lindsay Dubbs, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Dave Finster, Wittenberg University; Harold Geller, George Mason University; Jeanne Troy, Koshland Science Museum

Forest Management and the Carbon Cycle by Sarah Brylinsky, Second Nature Inc.; Deborah Huntzinger, Northern Arizona University; Candace Lutzow-Felling, University of Virginia; Suzanne O'Connell, Wesleyan University; Andrew Stubblefield, Humboldt State University

Ocean Acidification: The Other Carbon Problem
by Erik Christensen, South Florida State College, and Tim Heaton, University of South Dakota