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Please jump into these discussions to introduce yourself, to share your ideas about topics you've heard during the workshop, and to brainstorm for ideas about how to teach new energy topics in your courses.

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id ThreadPosts Most Recent Posting
4131 1302299820 Welcome - please introduce yourself
Karin Kirk Apr, 2011
9 1371042309 Accupril prescriptions
Allegrasss AllegrasssDJ Jun, 2013
4132 1302300018 Energy Sources until 2050
Karin Kirk Apr, 2011
2 1302531041 >> Will we be more efficient users of energy? ...
Glenn Richard Apr, 2011
4133 1302300367 Ideas for how to teach with CLEAN
Karin Kirk Apr, 2011
4 1302562600 Todd mentioned in the chat today. ...
Karin Kirk Apr, 2011
4142 1302550401 Project ideas
Cathy Manduca Apr, 2011
11 1302646161 Instructions for work time Here is the same ...
Karin Kirk Apr, 2011
4159 1303231971 New directions
Karin Kirk Apr, 2011
3 1538378109 Old decorations were literally very old and some ...
Reuben Richard Oct, 2018

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