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Welcome - please introduce yourself  

Welcome to the CLEAN energy workshop! We are looking forward to getting to know each of you. Please use this thread to introduce yourself and to tell us what you are most looking to gain from this workshop.

We look forward to hearing from each of you!


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I am Glenn Richard, Educational Coordinator at the Mineral Physics Institute at Stony Brook University. On Tuesday, April 12, I'll be giving a presentation for this workshop on the activity, "Selecting Sites for Renewable Energy Projects", posted at:

While I will not be able to participate in the latter portions of this workshop, it will be beneficial to receive some feedback on that activity, and to learn about how others are teaching about sources of energy. I would be especially interested in hearing about how case studies of the particulars of existing or planned energy facilities can be used to teach about the various renewable and non-renewable energy sources and their specific relationships to Earth systems that involve sunlight, water, the moon's gravity, buried ancient biomass, the Earth's deep interior, and radioisotopes.


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Hi Everyone! I am Susan Moore, retired secondary educator, and currently an educational specialist with SSAI at NASA Langley Research Center. My interest in the Energy Awareness Education Workshop is to learn more about energy sources; to see the examples others have used to teach about energy; and, to develop, at least at the conceptual level, a lesson and/or activity that uses surface solar radiation data available on the MY NASA DATA website (


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Hello from Tempe, Arizona! My name is Susan Spierre and I am a PhD candidate in the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University. I have a BS in Atmospheric Science and an MS in Earth Science. My research area is in climate change policy, sustainable development, and energy. I am currently teaching a graduate class in Industrial Ecology and I am looking to learn about best practices for teaching about these complex issues.


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Hi from Frederick, Maryland. I'm Alberto Ramirez, an oceanographer by training and experience, and currently the Director of Learning Technologies at Frederick Community College. I've been teaching oceanography for eight years at this college and more in my previous lives. My current course, The Water Planet, is an interdisciplinary general education science course for non-science majors. Communicating well to my students the issues and processes of climate change is of great importance, as a large percentage of the content in my course deals with it. I look forward to learning new approaches for this.


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Greetings from the Central Valley, my name is Mathieu Richaud and I am an assistant professor at Fresno State. A marine geologist by training, I study the variations of biogenic fractions (orgC, CaCO3 and Si) over glacial/interglacial cycles, with a focus on the Eastern Equatorial Pacific. I teach oceanography classes, and one of the chapters is on climate change.


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Hello. I (Dave Dempsey) am a meteorologist on the faculty at San Francisco State University, where I've taught for 23 years. My research originally was in computer modeling of air flows around mountains, but in the last decade I've gotten interested in science education, teacher preparation, and curriculum development as well. I developed a course on planetary climate change for upper division science majors in 2000, and it's become my favorite course because the subject matter is so diverse, new scientific advances are announced almost weekly, and its so important to our future on the planet. The nature of public debate about it is frustrating, though, which is one reason for staging this workshop. (I'm one of the co-conveners, but I'll be trying to participate and learn like everyone else.)


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Boozhoo! My name is Cathy Techtmann- Environmental Outreach Specialist and faculty member of the University of Wisconsin-Extension. I'm located at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center in Ashland, WI on the shores of GiLake Superior. My ed background is in natural resource management & intrepretive program design. After serving as a UW-Extension County Agent, I started this office and focused on increasing understanding of Lake Superior's freshwater estuaries and coastal resources leading to the designation of the new Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve in 2010. I've now partnered with the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, and other state/federal partner agencies at the Center, to create a unique climate change literacy program that integrates scientific climate change research with place-based evidence of its impacts on traditional Ojibwe lifeways tha rely on our coastal resources, such as wild ricing. You can see more about our project, nicknamed "G'WOW" at:
I'm very much looking forward to learning from all of you and sharing ideas! Migwetch!


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