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Please jump into these discussions to introduce yourself, to share your ideas about topics you've heard during the workshop, and to brainstorm for ideas about how to teach climate topics in your courses.

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id ThreadPosts Most Recent Posting
4257 1307128729 Welcome - please introduce yourself
Karin Kirk Jun, 2011
15 1307470309 Greetings! I'm a meteorologist at San Francisco ...
Dave Dempsey Jun, 2011
4258 1307129015 Using and teaching with climate models
Karin Kirk Jun, 2011
7 1307458027 David Archer has some simple climate models at: ...
Sara Harris Jun, 2011
4277 1307543076 Teaching with Climate Literacy Principles
Karin Kirk Jun, 2011
7 1307564872 I would like to do C, D, or F.
Cornelia Harris Jun, 2011
4346 1307982827 Communicating Climate Science
Karin Kirk Jun, 2011
5 1308236420 Those are good strategies Steve, thanks for ...
Karin Kirk Jun, 2011

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