Initial Publication Date: June 29, 2011

Climate activities submitted as part of this workshop

Participants in this workshop worked together to create new teaching activities for teaching Climate Literacy Essential Principle 2. These materials are not yet part of the CLEAN collection of reviewed resources.

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How Does The Greenhouse Effect Influence Global Temperature?
by Erik Christensen; Dave Dempsey; Sara Harris; Stephen Taylor
This suite of activities is made up of 5 parts which can be used together or separately.

What Happens to Ice in Water?
by Sharon Browning; Cornelia Harris; Kristine DeLong; Mellie Lewis

A Jigsaw Approach to the Weathering Thermostat Hypothesis
by Maureen Padden, McMaster University

Activities in development:(viewable only by workshop participants)

Group D Biogeochemical cycles / Carbon cycle
Alisa's Ice Core Activity
Group members: Alisa Hylton, Anne Hall, Lisa Doner