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Welcome - please introduce yourself  

Hello to everyone and welcome to the workshop!

We are anticipating a great event with a diverse mixture of participants from many types of educational settings, along with presenters who will share expertise along many fronts of climate science and education.

Even though this workshop is taking place via internet, we still strive to create a close network of peers within our group. So please take a moment to introduce yourself, let us know a bit about your background and tell us what you are hoping to gain from the workshop.

Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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Hello everyone my name is Cheryl from Chicago,IL
I have been STEM educator for 8 years in middle school and high school. I have experience as a science instructional coach to high school teachers and worked with after school and summer science programs. I recently facilitated an after school program using the ANDRILL Project Antarctica climate change curriculum and the culminating activiety was for the students to present at the Climate Change Student Summit. I want to expand my knowlede on climate science education.


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Hi everyone, my name is Sharon from Waco, TX. I am responsible for the freshman geology courses at Baylor University, which covers everything from earthquakes and disasters to world oceans to astronomy and meteorolgy. I am hoping to get some ideas for introducting climate science to our students in a laboratory setting.


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Hi, my name is Cornelia Harris (although I use the nickname Lia) and I'm an educator at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY. I also teach as an adjunct at Marist College, and I spend a lot of time on climate change every semester. One of our current education projects here at Cary is to develop environmental learning progressions-one of the strands focuses on carbon. Consequently, we are hosting a week-long summer institute for teachers in August focusing on climate change, what students know and understand about the carbon cycle and climate change, and how to teach about it in the HS classroom. I hope to take away some more ideas-both for content and pedagogy!


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Hi, I am Erik Christensen from Avon Park, FL. I teach physics and astronomy at South Florida Community College. Two years ago I taught an honors seminar on Global Climate Change and it was a big success. I now include a chapter on the physics of global climate change in my algebra-based physics class. Like others, I hope to take away some new ideas on content, activities, and pedagogy to better engage my students.


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Hi, I'm Anne Hall and I teach at Emory University in Atlanta, just east (and a few degrees cooler) of the record-breaking heat wave hitting the southern U.S.
I teach intro and upper level undergraduates in an Environmental Studies department. I am a geologist by training, and have enjoyed working with biology, ecology, social science and humanities faculty. The courses I teach that are related to climate change include Introduction to Environmental Studies, Environmental Geology, and Water Resources. I have worked on developing an interdisciplinary Energy course, but have not had the opportunity to teach it yet....hopefully in 2012.


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Hi! I'm Kristen Poppleton and I am participating in this course wearing two hats. First of all I am teach an online graduate course on how to teach climate change in the 3-12 classroom at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN and am always looking for pointers and ways of reaching people via technology. Secondly, I am the Education Program Manager for the Will Steger Foundation, a non profit focused on climate change education and outreach.


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Hi, I am Kristine DeLong and I teach at Louisiana State University in the department of Geography and Anthropology. I am trained as a geological oceanographer and conduct research on tropical paleoclimatology. I teach a general education class on atmospheric science and upper level classes on paleoclimate proxies and climate and ecological variability during the quaternary. One of my challenges is discussing climate change with non-science majors.


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I will be teaching a course on global environmental challenges for undergraduate non-science majors at Kaua`i Community College this fall. The course focuses on climate change but includes other issues such as scarce water, energy, and food resources aggravated by population pressure and lifestyle. My graduate coursework at Scripps Institution of Oceanography focused on climate change from the quaternary to the present (and beyond). My immediate goal is to capitalize on the popularity of climate change to increase awareness, and proficiency in STEM for non-science majors. Beyond that, my passion and training are in the science of climate change. I will surely teach other, more in-depth courses in the future.


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Hi, Lisa Doner here in New Hampshire with Plymouth State University's Center for the Environment. I teach climate change to meteorology and enviro sci students every other year, and to grad students in both depts in a blended lecture/online course. I find that many students struggle with understanding how climate changes on geological time-scales relate to modern data sets. Issues of scale, in general, seem to be at the root of many learning blockages on climate topics st all levels from science grad student to gen ed undergrads.


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Hello, I'm Mellie Lewis from Key Largo, Florida. I am a teacher consultant for The College of Exploration (TCOE) and will be using the information and knowledge I gain from this course to facilitate online discussions on the TCOE Network. I'm also with the Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA) and will be training LVA tutors to bring the third Ocean Literacy Principle, "The ocean is a major influence on weather and climate" to life for our ESL adult learners.


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Greetings, I'm Alisa Hylton from Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC. I teach physical geology and historical geology in a blended face to face/ online format and online physical geology. My students have problems dealing with data and separating data from interpretation. Climate change is a great hook to introduce the concepts in intro and reinforce the concepts in historical.


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Hi, I'm Sara Harris from the University of British Columbia. I teach climate change, environmental science, and oceanography at a variety of undergraduate levels. My background is in paleoceanography and paleoclimate, but in the past few years I have become increasingly involved in science education, primarily through the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative here at UBC. I will be going on sabbatical next year and am planning to work on a climate literacy project (with Steve Taylor, above). I'd like to connect with others interested in assessing climate knowledge, beliefs, and perceptions at the undergraduate level. I also would like to work on making my upper level climate change class entirely student-focused.


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Greetings! I'm a meteorologist at San Francisco State University and an atmospheric modeler by training. I teach dynamic meteorology, computer applications, introductory meteorology for majors and nonmajors. Although I'm not a climate scientist, I also teach an upper-division course on planetary climate change (so I get to play a climate scientist in the classroom). I've also been interested in science education and teacher preparation for the last 10 years.


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