Resources for Teachers

Navigating CLEAN's Virtual Resources

We're here to help you find resources for your virtual classroom. Searching the CLEAN collection by the 'video' and 'visualization' tags will return resources that are completely online. Many 'activities' in CLEAN can be done online as well. Some virtual activities can be found by searching with the key word 'virtual.' You can also sort the resources that have been tagged for 'online readiness,' simply add the "online readiness" category at the bottom of the search. We are continuing to tag resources for the online applicability. We are working with resource developers to link to any supplemental materials or modifications they may be creating for switching to online learning and will add those to the resource pages as we receive them.

Other Resources for Educators

We have collected a list of some of other online teaching resources available for educators:

Learning Sessions/Webinar Series for Students

Here is a list of organizations who are putting on live virtual learning sessions around climate topics in the 2020-2021 school year: