Going Further

This page includes links to extend and enhance the lesson.

Educators interested in exploring climate change and carbon dioxide may want to pursue the lessons and links below.

NOAA has a good overview of the carbon cycle with real time atmospheric CO data as well as many background information articles on aspects of the carbon cycle.

  • Carbon Cycle
  • Another good background article from NOAA on carbon cycle science.

  • Basics of the Carbon Cycle and the Greenhouse Effect
  • NASA Earth Observatory also has a very thorough, and a little more complex, background reading on the carbon cycle that features a description of the slow and fast carbon cycle.

  • The Carbon Cycle
  • These two lessons include good explanations and sample questions.
  • Carbon Cycle Lesson Plan for High Schooldescribes feedback loops and interactions between emissions.
  • Carbon Labexplores the feedback loops between climate change, deforestation, and melting tundra.
  • The following is a large collection of activities and simulations for all age groups.

  • UCAR collection
  • These two are more advanced models:

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