Climate Mental Health


For mental health support activities on joining and creating community and connection, please see the Climate Solutions and Facilitating Discussions and Creating Solidarity

Encourage youth to join or create climate café groups to talk about and normalize conversations about emotions & create opportunities for shared solidarity

There are climate cafes and other support groups that encourage community, offer a place to talk and reflect on climate change, grieve, be grateful, honor pain for the world, and heal from trauma related to climate change impacts.

Support connection with family, friends, or special interest groups 

Encourage social connection with friends, family, social interests, or faith groups. Establish connections with other community members who have been through natural disasters. Maintain and encourage connections to one's culture. Sharing stories about others struggling with mental health related to climate change can help youth feel more connected and not alone.

Encourage collective action 

Encourage youth to join pro-environmental or nature-based groups. Identifying with a pro-environmental group can increase agency, create a sense of belonging, and combat the effects of hopelessness youth may feel.  Use social media to share stories of youth climate activists who often organize climate justice groups and activities.