Join and Create Community and Connection

Sharing feelings around climate change topics with others creates trust, a sense of belonging, and a sense of solidarity when others feel similarly. Research also indicates that connection with others helps to mitigate stress, and is strongly linked to mental and physical health. For example, a strong social support network was a strong predictor of positive psychological well-being in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Finding support and community to reflect on emotions and take action to mitigate or adapt to the impacts of climate change can help tremendously inmoving towards action.

Encourage youth to join or create climate café groups to talk about and normalize conversations about emotions & create opportunities for shared solidarity


  • Joining groups: 
    • Climate Change Café offers a list of climate cafes by city and state, and also includes a place to advertise and host your own climate café.  
    • Climate Awakening offers climate emotions conversations to share and listen.  
    • Work that Reconnects provides a variety of resources and groups to help people find connections with each other, honor their pain for the world, and move toward action. 
    • Action for the Climate Emergency has started a "Let's Talk about It and Speak Your #Climate Truth" campaign where youth can talk about their climate anxiety and fears or share tips and inspiration with others through social media.  
    • Generative Somatics uses somatic processes to recover from trauma and build resilience skills and prioritizes work around environmental and climate justice.  
  • Creating groups: 
    • The All We Can Save Project provides a number of guides to help foster deeper dialogue about the climate crisis and build community around solutions. 
    • The Good Grief Network has a train-the-trainer program to help people run climate grief groups in their own communities.  
    • Climate and Mind offers language and tips for advertising and running your own climate café group.  
  • My Climate Story is a toolkit of lesson plans that helps students learn how to share their feelings and stories about climate change with others with courage and compassion.  

Support connection with family, friends, or special interest groups 


  • Eco-anxious stories offers a collection of reflections by people surrounding various emotions related to climate change.   

Encourage collective action 


  • Join a pro-environmental group 
    • Earth Guardians trains and empowers youth to be effective leaders in the intersections of environmental and climate justice.  
    • Zero Hour is a diverse youth-led movement creating entry points, training, and resources for new young activists wanting to take concrete action around climate change. 
    • Sunrise Movement is a youth movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. 
    • Queer Nature envisions and implements ecological awareness and place-based skills to build resilience for populations who have been marginalized.  
    • Outdoor Afro offers programs that connect Black explorers with new people in nature and the outdoors.  
  • Share stories of Climate Activists who students can follow on social media, who often have opportunities for collective action.