Webinar Schedule

Introduction to CLEAN

Katie Boyd, CLEAN Program Manager

Date & Time: October 20th@6pm ET/ 5pm CT/ 4pm MT, 3pm PT (30 min)

This webinar offers a guided tour of the CLEAN portal. Learn about the CLEAN collection of over 800 climate and energy educational resources and the range of other supporting materials to help you effectively and accurately teach about climate and energy topics.

It's Us: Humans as Agents of Change Within Earth's Climate System

Karin Kirk, Geologist and Science Writer

Date & Time: October 26th @6pm ET/ 5pm CT/ 4pm MT, 3pm PT (30 min)


Human impacts on the climate system are becoming increasingly evident, moving climate change from a topic that is abstract and faraway to one that is right before our eyes. It's our job to help students learn about our role in altering the climate, but it's important to do so in a way that's constructive and solutions-oriented. Educational materials from the CLEAN collection can help you navigate this essential topic.

Strategies for Integrating Climate Science into the Elementary Classroom with CLEAN

Alicia Christensen, CIRES @ University of Colorado, and Tiffany Boyd, Classrooms for Climate Action

Date & Time: November 3rd @6pm ET/ 5pm CT/ 4pm MT, 3pm PT (45 min)


This webinar provides strategies for elementary teachers to integrate climate science into their classrooms. Teachers will explore how to break down this complex and controversial topic, teach it across disciplines, make it culturally relevant, use it to inspire curiosity, and motivate students to develop climate change solutions.

Beyond Doom & Gloom: How to Teach Climate Change Towards Empowerment

Youth Advisory Board Members to the Climate Mental Health Network, and Alicia Christensen, CIRES @ University of Colorado

Date & Time: November 8 @6pm ET/ 5pm CT/ 4pm MT, 3pm PT (45 min)


Teaching about climate change is filled with distressing information about the current and future impacts on our world, and naturally can have detrimental effects on youth's mental health. Educators will hear from youth about how they are handling this challenge and will walk away with a variety of strategies and activities to integrate into their curriculum as they engage with today's youth.