Initial Publication Date: April 16, 2018

CLEAN Review Tool

The CLEAN review process is supported by an integrated review tool developed at SERC. This web-based system provides a single, central location where all review information is collected, stored, and made available to reviewers. This system builds on existing tools within the SERC CMS that support faceted search and the development of online forms. These tools were augmented by a new framework that supports reviewed items being tracked through arbitrary multi-step review processes. Reviewers and project managers can enter items to be reviewed, perform the actual 'reviews' through the use of online forms, and track the entire process through a search interface that provides real-time information about the status of any reviewed item as well as aggregate information about the entire pool of resources under review. Key elements of the tool as configured for CLEAN include:

Potential CLEAN resources enter the system either from a public submission form or through submission by a CLEAN Resource Collector

Members of the CLEAN resource collector team enter the URL of potential resources into the system. After checking for duplicates, the system assigns that resource to the particular team member. URLs suggested through a public contribution form also enter directly into the system where they can be assigned to a particular team member (if they are appropriate for the collection).

Review System Search

The entire pool of resources under review is presented through a faceted search interface

Reviewers can use this interface to find subsets of the entire pool (e.g. by filtering to only show resources assigned to them or only those that still need a given step completed). The interface also provides a full-text search across all the review information (e.g. review comments) and the exposed facets summarize many key characteristics of the overall review process (e.g. number of resources that have passed a given step, reviews completed by a particular individual, topical distribution of resources) that are useful in assessing the overall progress. Color-coded summary of each resource's progress is provided.

Each step of the review process is completed via online forms, which automatically track the status of the resource concerning that step and store the results of the review

Reviewers visit the online tool, use the search interface to find the item they want to work with, and click through to complete the step: filling out a review form, assigning the resource to a particular person or group, changing the status information, etc. Specific reviews can be revisited and edited (with a complete history saved) by the original reviewer and viewed by others on the review team. 

A one-click process copies the information about successfully reviewed resources into the catalog record.

The core information collected throughout the review process (e.g. annotations, grade level assignment) automatically populates catalog records, which then serve as the basis for the public display of the CLEAN collection.