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NASA S'COOL Lesson: The Sky and the Dichotomous Key

Kara Houser, Kathy Gibbs
Students use a Dichotomous Key to observe and identify cloud formations, and record and track changes in weather over time.

Elementary GLOBE Earth Systems Module

Becca Hatheway, Kerry Zarlengo, Lisa Gardiner
Several activities that introduce students to the concepts of earth as a series of systems that are all connected. All of the activities reinforce the idea that water, air, soil, and living things ...

What's the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

Earth Science Communications Team
This video, video transcript, and accompanying poster, go beyond a description of weather and climate to highlight how NASA tracks the changes in climate and why it matters. Students will leave the ...

Meet the Greenhouse Gases

Earth Science Communications Team
Interactive cards with gasses portrayed as super heroes are provided for Water Vapor, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Ozone, Nitrous Oxide, and Chlorofluorocarbons. On one side of the card is an explanation ...

NASA eClips: Our World: ICESat-2 Measures Ice Sheets

Kristen Erickson (NASA Official), Shannon Verstynen (Editor)
A short video on the satellite ICESat-2 and what it measures (ice).

NASA S'COOL Lesson: Cloud in a Bottle

Carolyn Green, Preston Lewis
Students participate in a demonstration to explore how clouds form and what conditions are necessary for cloud formation.

Elementary GLOBE Air Quality Module

Becca Hatheway, Kerry Zarlengo, Lisa Gardiner, The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program
This resource is designed as a module with a storybook or web story, and four activities. In the storybook, the GLOBE Kids investigate colors in the sky and learn how air pollution affects sky color ...

How does light travel?

Gretchen Walker, Patricia McGlashan, Laura Danly, Eric Hamilton, Stephanie Fotiadi
This activity includes two experiments that explore shadows and light and how mirrors can demonstrate how light travels.

Elementary GLOBE Soils Module

Becca Hatheway, Kerry Zarlengo, Lisa Gardiner, Sandra Henderson, Lynne Hehr
Learning activities help students explore and describe soil, consider what is found in soil such as rocks, roots, critters, and organic material, and explain the importance of soil to plants and ...

Elementary GLOBE Water Module

Becca Hatheway, Kerry Zarlengo, Lisa Gardiner, Sandra Henderson
Students learn about the water cycle and hydrology through a series of three lessons, two coloring book pages, and an e-Book. The themes covered in this resource tie into Climate Science and ...