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Plum's Island Explorer: Land and Water

This is an interactive video in which students navigate around a virtual island while learning about the characteristics of land formations and bodies of water.

Investigating Deforestation Through An Earth Systems View Using Landsat

My NASA Data
This activity has students use an Earth Systems perspective to identify the various causes associated with changes to Earth's forests as they review Landsat imagery of site locations from around ...

Climate Change and Risks of New Pandemics

Through this lesson plan your students will learn that human induced climate change causes biodiversity disturbances and could be responsible for the increased risk of animal virus spillover into ...

Harnessing Nuclear Energy

Keep Program
This activity teaches students how energy is obtained from nuclear fission and how it is used to produce electricity in a nuclear power plant. It also teaches students how some of the electricity ...

Flubber Flow

Flubber Flow is a 30-minute activity in which teams of four to five children experiment with Flubber and investigate how a solid can flow! They predict and model the properties of glaciers, view ...

Interpreting Earth's Climate Record - Decoding the Weather Machine

Learn how scientists have pieced together a continuous 800,000-year record of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and ocean temperatures in these videos from NOVA: Decoding the Weather Machine. Use ...

Puzzling Wisconsin's Biological Communities

Keep Program
This is an in-depth activity that focuses on Wisconsin ecosystem characteristics and energy flow within ecosystems. The activity is lengthy, but selected parts of it could be adapted to a variety of ...

GEF - Bhutan: Silent Tsunami

This video shows the people of Bhutan working to prevent flooding from an outburst of a glacial lake in the country's Lunana region.

Potentially Kinetic

Keep Program
This activity supports sense-making around kinetic and potential energy through a series of demonstrations.

Wildfire Simulation

This is a wildfire simulation with three different zones (plains, mountains, and foothills). The user can change variables to see what happens when they spark a fire.