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State Electricity on Google Earth: How many solar panels would it take?

Todd Greene California State University-Chico, Billy Goodman Passaic Valley High School, Maureen Padden McMaster University
In this activity, students calculate electricity use by state and determine, using Google Earth, how much land would be required to replace all sources of electricity with solar panels.

Climate Super Solutions

This lesson is the fifth and final module in the climate change curricula from the National Center for Science Education. It aims to teach students about the economic, social, and scientific ...

Our Changing Atmosphere

Here students use data from the NOAA carbon dioxide monitoring sites, such as Mauna Loa, to graph the Keeling Curve for themselves on large sheets of paper. Each group graphs one year, and the graphs ...

Tracking Water Using NASA Satellite Data

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Using real data from NASA's GRACE satellites, students will track water mass changes in the U.S., data that measures changes in ice, surface and especially groundwater. The background ...

Your Own El Nino

This activity allows students to make El Nino in a container, but it might work better as a teacher demonstration. The introduction and information provided describe El Nino, its processes and its ...

Southern Great Plains and Southwest | Global Weirding

Katharine Hayhoe
This video discusses impacts that the Midwestern US is experiencing due to climate change. It describes how climate change is affecting agriculture, tourism, drought and flood, water cycles and ...

Drought: Identifying Impacts and Evaluating Solutions Lesson Plan

PBS Learning Media
Through this set of lessons, students learn about the impacts of water shortages due to drought, make connections to climate patterns, and explore community resiliency solutions. The lessons engage ...

Scientific Consensus: A Tsunami of Evidence

This is the first lesson in a series of 6 lessons about climate change from the National Center for Science Education. The "Tsunami of ...

Sea Level Rise

This very short video introduces the concept of sea level rise and ties it back to global warming. The video is brief, basic, and clear. It can be used for a quick introduction, but nothing deeper ...

I Live in the Midwest and Northern Great Plains - Does Climate Change Matter to Me?

Katharine Hayhoe
This video features Katharine Hayhoe presenting a lively discussion of impacts that the Midwestern US is experiencing due to climate change. It steps through evidence for how climate change is ...