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CLEAN Collection: Call for Educational Resources

We are seeking nominations of digital educational materials to be reviewed for possible inclusion in the CLEAN collection. We welcome submissions that:
  • are directly focused on one of the literacies from the Climate Literacy Framework or Energy Literacy Framework
  • are educational activities or are interactive tools, visualizations, maps, or datasets that can be used to create classroom, lab, or field activities.
Note that general websites addressing many aspects of climate or energy science are not as useful as specific ones geared toward a focused topic. Explore some example activities for a better understanding of the types of materials appropriate to CLEAN.

To suggest a resource, please fill out the form below. Each submission will be reviewed by a panel as the collection is expanded. If you are the developer of the resource and want the CLEAN team to contact you with the reviewers' comments, please indicate this below.

Please select the type of material that is contained in the website you are recommending.

Websites that are entirely content (for example an essay describing the greenhouse effect) are not nearly as useful as tools or materials that can be used directly in the classroom.