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Changing Planet: Thawing Permafrost and Methane


This video examines the thawing of permafrost due to changes in climate and shows examples of the impacts that warming temperatures have on permafrost in the Arctic, including the release of the greenhouse gas methane. Dramatic results are shown, including sink holes forming on the landscape and beneath buildings, roads, and other infrastructure, causing some communities to relocate.

Video length: 6:47 min.

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Climate Literacy
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Humans affect climate
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Climate change has consequences
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Energy Literacy

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2.6 Greenhouse gases affect energy flow.

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Teaching Tips

About the Science

  • The video reviews the impacts of warming temperatures on the thawing of permafrost in the Arctic with potential release of the greenhouse gas methane. In addition, thawing permafrost damages the infrastructure of communities and facilities at high latitudes.
  • Comments from expert scientist: A straightforward video that outlines main concepts and impacts on the Arctic. Lacks references.

About the Pedagogy

  • There is a lesson for grades 5-9 that accompanies the video.
  • This video is content-rich with excellent visuals.
  • Engaging video - things explode

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Quality of video itself is good. There is slight graininess when viewed at full-screen.
  • The video can be embedded.
  • Ads are very distracting on edges of page - may want to consider this when displaying it to the class.

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