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Past Workshops and Webinars

To help educators make the most of the CLEAN collections and learn more about teaching climate literacy and energy awareness, we offered a series of professional development events. Session recordings and workshop products from past workshops are freely available. See classroom materials created at CLEAN workshops.

Past workshops for undergraduate faculty

Teaching Climate Complexity - May 7-16, 2012

Communicating Climate Science in the Classroom - April 2-11, 2012

Teaching Energy Awareness: Understanding Sources and Uses - April 11-12 and 18-19, 2011

Navigating Climate Complexities in the Classroom - June 7 - 8 and 14 - 15, 2011

See classroom materials created at CLEAN workshops.

Past webinars for teachers of grades 6-12

These interactive webinars addressed a variety of topics within climate and energy. Each session was designed for teachers to gather information about science, see example teaching materials from the CLEAN collection, and consider classroom strategies that are particularly suited to these topics.

A recording of each webinar is available below: