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This is a place to store documents related to the review camp.

In some cases these documents will have online versions that reflect recent changes.

Final Agenda for CLEAN Review Camp as of July 22 (Acrobat (PDF) 76kB Jul22 10) (Online version of the agenda)

Logistics Package for the CLEAN Review Camp (Acrobat (PDF) 370kB Jul22 10)

Resource Assignments

(Online version of the review assignments)

Review Team 1: review team 1 resources (Acrobat (PDF) 101kB Jul21 10)
Review Team 2: review team 2 resources (Acrobat (PDF) 100kB Jul21 10)
Review Team 3: review team 3 resources updated (Acrobat (PDF) 75kB Jul21 10)
Review Team 4: review team 4 resources (Acrobat (PDF) 101kB Jul21 10)
Review Team 5: review team 5 resources updated (Acrobat (PDF) 76kB Jul21 10)
Review Team 6: review team 6 resources (Acrobat (PDF) 101kB Jul21 10)

Evaluation Surveys

Monday Evaluation Survey
Tuesday Evaluation Survey
Wednesday Evaluation Survey

Other Support Documents

Guidelines for the presentation of CLEAN resources (Acrobat (PDF) 79kB Jul22 10)

Description of Learning Styles (Acrobat (PDF) 32kB Jul22 10)

Underserved Students (Acrobat (PDF) 70kB Jul22 10)

CLEAN Essential Principles_plus summary (Acrobat (PDF) 126kB Jul21 10)

CLEAN_reviewquestioncatalog (Acrobat (PDF) 54kB Jul21 10) (Online version)

Guideline_annotation_description (Acrobat (PDF) 96kB Jul21 10) (Online version)

roomassignment (Acrobat (PDF) 44kB Jul23 10)