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Turning Misinformation into Educational Opportunity Climate Change: Lesson 5 Solutions to Climate Change

National Center for Science Education

Students analyze complex real-world problems by specifying qualitative and quantitative criteria and constraints for solutions that account for societal needs and wants. This place-based activity discusses multiple strategies to reduce carbon emissions, and realistic paths to preventing climate change.

This learning activity takes two 45 minute class periods.

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Middle School: 1 Performance Expectation, 3 Disciplinary Core Ideas, 1 Cross Cutting Concept, 2 Science and Engineering Practices
High School: 2 Performance Expectations, 3 Disciplinary Core Ideas, 2 Cross Cutting Concepts, 3 Science and Engineering Practices

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Teaching Tips

  • Teachers can find a document version of the lesson plan (where links aren't broken), supplemental materials, and additional materials here on the resource website.
  • Teachers may want to become familiar with the parameters of the simulation ahead of time. Instructional time may increase as students explore the depth of simulation's capabilities and investigate the Extend materials provided.

About the Science

  • In this activity, student use the wedge stabilization game, short videos, and discussions to explore solutions to climate change through renewable energy development.
  • Passed initial science review - expert science review pending.

About the Pedagogy

  • In this activity, student use the wedge stabilization game, short videos, and discussions to explore solutions to climate change.
  • Through an online simulation students are provided many alternative solutions to an environmental problem, allowing for critical thinking, group discussions and creative answers. The Stabilization Wedges Game provides an avenue for students to explore the reduction of carbon emissions. Student choices will vary allowing for a wide range of solutions and discussions. Evaluative questions are basic.
  • Supplemental materials allow teachers to adapt the lesson for various student levels.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

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This website houses the larger unit with links to additional materials and to the other lessons in the unit: https://ncse.ngo/supporting-teachers/classroom-resources

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