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Ice Core Secrets Could Reveal Answers to Global Warming

NSF Science Nation, Jim White Arctic and Alpine Research Institute

This video features research conducted at University of Colorado's Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, which studies isotopes of hydrogen trapped in ice cores to understand climate changes in the past.

Video length is 5:00 min.

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Teaching Tips

About the Science

  • Video features the lab and work of geoscientist Jim White.
  • The video provides excellent insight into ice core research with an explanation of how ice cores are extracted and analyzed to learn about past climate. The video explains the most recent research on abrupt climate change and a straightforward explanation of what scientists can learn from past climate.
  • Comments from expert scientist: Provides the viewer with a good sense of how ice cores inform our understanding of climate. Engaging visuals provide the viewer with a sense of how data are collected and analyzed to determine past climate variables. Educator should explain how the isotopes of hydrogen relate to temperature because it is not covered in the video.

About the Pedagogy

  • Video does not provide any teaching materials or pedagogy.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Video is produced with professional quality and has excellent graphics and a fast pace.
  • Captions can be utilized to aid audio impaired.

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