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Teaching about Climate and Energy?

Our team of educators and scientists has reviewed and organized the best free teaching resources for K-12 through college.

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Easy-to-read explanations of science and policy, designed to step students through the key principles of climate and energy

  • Suggested teaching approaches, selected for various grade levels
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  • Supporting materials from the CLEAN reviewed collection
  • Culturally relevant climate teaching

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Spring 2024 Webinars
Posted: Apr 12 2024

Check out our upcoming Spring 2024 webinars or watch recordings of any you missed. Explore the CLEAN webinar series

Mental Health Activities
Posted: Feb 8 2024
CLEAN has a new Climate Change Mental Health Activity Guide with resources that aid teachers in approaching complex and sensitive topics in the classroom.
Climate Mental Health Pages
Posted: Jan 1 2024

Check out CLEAN's new pages about helping teachers address Climate Mental health and our webinars on this topic.

ACCELS Matrix Page
Posted: Dec 8 2023
Check out the new ACCELS page, where you can access the matrix of climate education projects shared and learn how to join working groups!
New Resources in CLEAN
Posted: Dec 5 2023

The most recent review cycle has added 60 more resources to the CLEAN collection. Check it out!

CLEAN Calendar
Posted: Dec 1 2023

CLEAN now has an events calendar!

ACCELS Recording 2023
Posted: Nov 27 2023

Check out the ACCELS Summit where climate education practitioners with mutual interests connected. Email if you're interested in joining a working group.

ACCEL Summit 2023
Posted: Oct 18 2023

Join us for the second Accelerating Climate Capacity, Engagement, and Leadership Summit (ACCELS), convened by the CLEAN Network! Thursday, November 16th 2-5pm ET

CLEAN In the Classroom Feedback Campaign
Posted: Mar 8 2023

We want to know how CLEAN has served you! Please share how you use CLEAN in your classroom or your work and receive an Amazon gift card.

New Spanish Pages
Posted: Mar 1 2023

CLEAN has translated more of our pages into Spanish including elementary teaching, culturally relevant teaching, and controversial teaching! Check out the Guidance and Toolbox pages


Teaching Climate and Energy with NGSS

Our resources are aligned to the standards. You can explore the key standards related to climate and energy or find a resource that supports a specific standard.

  • Find NGSS-tagged materials in the CLEAN collection
  • Design your own three-dimensional classroom units

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Educators' Toolbox with wheels including build your curriculum, NGSS guide, online teaching, quizzes, and managing controversy.

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Find professional development tools and support for teaching climate and energy.

Whether you're designing lessons, adapting to online teaching, or building a constructive classroom atmosphere, we have tools to help.

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CLEAN is a community effort, brought to you by scores of educators, scientists, and curriculum developers. There are many ways to become part of this project.

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CLEAN is the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network.
Our primary efforts are:

  • to steward a reviewed collection of free, high-quality teaching materials for teaching climate and energy
  • to support the CLEAN Network, a community of professionals committed to improving climate and energy literacy.

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CLEAN recognizes the disproportionate impact climate change has on Communities of Color and the importance of incorporating social and environmental justice into climate education. Please see our cultural acknowledgements pages for more information.


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