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Our team of educators and scientists has reviewed and organized the best free teaching resources for K-12 through college.


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Easy-to-read explanations of science and policy, designed to step students through the key principles of climate and energy

  • Suggested teaching approaches, selected for various grade levels
  • Spanish-language versions
  • Supporting materials from the CLEAN reviewed collection
  • Culturally relevant climate teaching

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Get the CLEAN STEM Flash

Posted: Sep 1 2021

Register for the CLEAN Webinar Series! Topics include a CLEAN intro, various teaching climate & energy issues, elementary climate teaching, developing units and more!

CLEAN has a new look!
Posted: Jul 1 2021

CLEAN redesigned the logo and website in summer 2021 but you're still in the right place for climate education. We hope you enjoy the changes and feel free to leave us feedback.

Posted: Jun 15 2021

Every other week CLEAN sends a newsletter to educators connecting resources in our collection to current events and relevant themes. See past additions and sign up here!

CLEAN Elementary
Posted: Jun 10 2021

CLEAN now includes Elementary Grade Levels! Check out the collection of resources and the support/guidance pages

New Climate Literacy Videos
Posted: Jun 5 2021

CLEAN developed short videos on each Climate Literacy Principle - check them out in the Teaching Climate section!

STEM Video Showcase
Posted: Jun 2 2021

CLEAN was featured in the 2021 STEM For All Video Showcase! Check out our video with partner organization Mobile Climate Science Labs.

National Climate Assessment
Posted: Jun 1 2021

CLEAN developed pages to help you navigate the 4th National Climate Assessment with your students using CLEAN resources.

Spanish Teaching Guidance
Posted: May 25 2021

CLEAN has translated all of our Teaching Guidance pages and quizzes into Spanish! Check out the Climate and Energy pages

Culturally Relevant Resources
Posted: May 20 2021

CLEAN has partnered with the Living Landscapes project to highlight culturally relevant climate teaching resources. Check it out here!

CLEAN is NGSS Aligned!
Posted: May 15 2021

CLEAN is NGSS aligned, with resource tags to help you search by standards. We also have pages to help you navigate climate-relevant NGSS and develop NGSS-aligned units.


Teaching Climate and Energy with NGSS

Our resources are aligned to the standards. You can explore the key standards related to climate and energy or find a resource that supports a specific standard.

  • Find NGSS-tagged materials in the CLEAN collection
  • Design your own three-dimensional classroom units

Explore Teaching Climate and Energy with NGSS

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Find professional development tools and support for teaching climate and energy.

Whether you're designing lessons, adapting to online teaching, or building a constructive classroom atmosphere, we have tools to help.

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CLEAN is a community effort, brought to you by scores of educators, scientists, and curriculum developers. There are many ways to become part of this project.

  • Join the CLEAN Network a professionally diverse community of over 800 members committed to improving climate and energy literacy for all.
  • Suggest a Resource: Nominate teaching materials to be reviewed for inclusion in the CLEAN collection.
  • Participate in the CLEAN webinar series held in spring and fall each year.
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CLEAN is the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network.
Our primary efforts are:

  • to steward a reviewed collection of free, high-quality teaching materials for teaching climate and energy
  • to support the CLEAN Network, a community of professionals committed to improving climate and energy literacy.

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CLEAN recognizes the disproportionate impact climate change has on Communities of Color and the importance of incorporating social and environmental justice into climate education. Please see our cultural acknowledgements pages for more information.

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