2013 CLN Teleconferences

December 31, 2013: Canceled - New Year's Eve

December 24, 2013: Canceled - Christmas Eve

December 17, 2013: Joint discussion with National Climate Assessment Education Affinity Group

December 10, 2013: AGU Meeting - Informal discussion


December 3, 2013: Curry Rosato, Director of Communications and Outreach, Green Schools Alliance
Title: The Green Schools Alliance (GSA)


November 26, 2013: Stephanie Pfirman, Columbia University, PoLAR: Future Coast, Climate Change Education Partnership (Phase II) Project and Ken Eklund, principal at Writerguy LLC 
Title: FUTURE COAST, a CCEP II PoLAR Partnership initiative: Collaborative narratives about climate-changed futures


November 19, 2013: Mona Behl, Texas Sea Grant College Program, Texas A&M University 
Title: Reflections on Expert Witness Advocacy Training Academy

November 12, 2013: Informal discussion


November 5, 2013: Informal discussion


October 29, 2013: GSA Meeting - Jean MacGregor, Director, Curriculum for the Bioregion Initiative at The Evergreen State College, Olympia Washington.
Title: How are college and university faculty teaching about climate change? A study from Puget Sound, Washington, and its implications nationally


October 22, 2013: Informal Discussion


October 15, 2013: Marcus Griswold. MADE-CLEAR Climate Change Education Partnership (Phase II) Project
Title: Climate Education in the Mid-Atlantic: Developing Shared Approaches In and Out of the Classroom


October 8, 2013: Tri-agency Meeting - Informal discussion


October 1, 2013: Kathy McGlauflin. Project Learning Tree


September 24, 2013: Tamara Shapiro Ledley. The CLEAN Network: Supporting Members in Increasing Climate Literacy - Spring 2013 Survey Results


September 17, 2013: Emily Therese Cloyd, Public Participation and Engagement Coordinator, National Climate Assessment / US Global Change Research Program
Title: The National Climate Assessment: An Opportunity for Education?

September 10, 2013: Informal discussion


September 3, 2013: Informal discussion


August 27, 2013: Informal discussion


August 20, 2013: Informal discussion


August 13, 2013: Informal discussion


August 6, 2013: Informal discussion


July 30, 2013: Informal discussion


July 23, 2013: Informal discussion


July 16, 2013: Informal discussion


July 9, 2013: Informal discussion


July 2, 2013: Informal discussion about the AGU Chapman Conference on Climate Change Communication

June 25, 2013: Informal discussion


June 18, 2013: Informal discussion


June 11, 2013: Informal discussion


June 4, 2013: Informal discussion


May 28, 2013: Social Media: How Can CLEAN Effectively Use Social Media - What are the messages, and what mechanisms would be most effective? (3rd of 3 Sessions) Tamara Ledley from TERC, Martha Shaw from EarthAdvertising, Ellen Klicka and Maureen Moses from AMS, and Emily Kellagher from CIRES University of Colorado.


May 21, 2013: Social Media: How Organizations and High-Level Individuals Effectively Use Social Media to Communicate Climate and Energy Information and Opportunities (2nd of 3 Sessions) Ellen Klicka and Maureen Moses from AMS,


May 14, 2013: Review of climate content of final draft of NGSS: An informal discussion with Rebecca Anderson - Alliance for Climate Education, Frank Niepold - NOAA, Mark McCaffrey - National Center for Science Education and Scott Carley - College of Exploration


May 7, 2013: Social Media: How Individuals Can Effectively Use Social Media to Receive and Disseminate Information (1st of 3 Sessions) Emily Kellagher from CIRES Univ of Colorado Boulder


April 30, 2013: Informal discussion


April 23, 2013: Eugenie Scott, Executive Director, National Center for Science Education 
Title: Déjà vu All Over Again: Comparing Opposition to Evolution and Opposition to Anthropogenic Global Warming


April 16, 2013: Ms. DaNel Hogan, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, U.S. Department of Energy 
Title: Energy Literacy: Framework and Resources


April 9, 2013: Informal discussion


April 2, 2013: Informal discussion


March 26, 2013: Informal discussion


March 19, 2013: Craig Johnson, Georgia Schmitt, Cassie Severson, Cale Cook, and Michael Stockton
Title: Engaging the World on Climate Change – The Experiences of School of Environmental Studies Students at COP 18 (Nov/Dec 2012) in Doha, Qatar

March 12, 2013: Informal discussion about climate education sessions to recommend for the AGU 2013 Fall Meeting


March 5, 2013: Austin Brown, National Renewable Energy Laboratory 
Topic: BITES (Building, Industry, Transportation, and Electricity Scenarios) Tool http://bites.nrel.gov


February 26, 2013: Peg Steffen and Bruce Moravchik, NOAA
Title: NOAA Climate Stewards Education Project


February 19, 2013: Discussion - Renaming CLN to CLEAN?


February 12, 2013: Laura Faye Tenenbaum, Education Specialist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Title: Don't Miss Out: Experience the Latest and Most Amazing New Resources at NASA's Global Climate Change Website


February 5, 2013: Informal discussion


January 29, 2013: Informal discussion of the summary document about CLN and the NGSS


January 22, 2013: Next Generation Science Standards - Second Public Review - development of comments - SCHEDULED FOR 2 HOURS TO PROVIDE TIME TO ADDRESS ALL COMMENTS (1-3 PM ET)


January 15, 2013: Next Generation Science Standards - Second Public Review - substantial discussion


January 8, 2013: Next Generation Science Standards - Second Public Review - strategy for our review. Here is the link to the NGSS site


January 1, 2013: Cancelled due to New Year's Day