CLEAN Leadership Board Responsibilities and Bylaws

Section 1. Co-Chairs

The two Co-Chairs shall preside at all meetings of the Leadership Board. They shall be ex officio members of all working groups. The Co-Chairs work closely with the CLEAN Leadership board to promote and serve the mission of the the CLEAN Network and coordinates its major initiatives and functions.

Section 2. Secretariat

The Secretariat works alongside, and supports, the Co-Chairs to set agenda, coordinate Leadership Board meetings, and track actions of the Leadership Board. This role provides continuity between Co-Chairs and the CLEAN Coordinator, as well as Network activities. The Secretariat provides guidance on planning for presentations to the CLEAN Coordinator. They will also coordinate special Network events, such as but not limited to, AGU, GSA, ESIP, NAAEE sessions. Structural changes to the website will be implemented by Secretariat, in coordination with the CLEAN Coordinator.

Section 3. CLEAN Coordinator [Student Intern/Fellow/Volunteer]

The CLEAN Coordinator supports the Leadership Board, the Co-Chairs, and Secretariat. The Coordinator is responsible for taking and distributing minutes for all regularly scheduled meetings of the Co-Chairs, Leadership Board, and CLEAN Weekly calls. They liaise closely with the Secretariat on CLEAN Network presentation coordination and updates to the CLEAN Network, as well as coordinate CLEAN call facilitators. They also ensure up to date information and recordings are available on the website.

Section 4. Leadership Board

Ten to fifteen Leadership Board members bring a diverse set expertise and professional backgrounds to the Board. Board members shall attend all Leadership Board meetings and be responsible for specific tasks mutually agreed upon in the Leadership Board.

Meetings will be held on a quarterly basis, unless decided otherwise. Annual priorities of the CLEAN Network will be reviewed and proposed to the Network on the weekly teleconference no less than annually (preferably in the Fall). Leadership Board meeting notes will be publicized on the CLEAN Network Leadership Board page.

Section 5. Decision Making

Decisions will be accomplished by voting. Each Leadership Board member can vote in favor, against or request additional discussion. Decisions will be made by majority vote of those present (50%), but the Co-Chairs will strive for consensus on every issue. The Co-Chairs of the group have the responsibility to determine if a quorum is present. A quorum is in general reached when 50% of the CLEAN Leadership Board members support a proposed decisional action. When a quorum is not met in a leadership board meeting, steps can be taken to solicit votes from members not present.

At least one Co-Chair must be present in order for the Leadership Board to make a decision. The Co-Chair can provide for a comment period, if they deem so necessary for those not present for a vote. Decisions will ideally be discussed via a call, but can be done virtually via the Leadership Board Listserv (clean-lead AT serc DOT carleton DOT edu).

CLEAN decisions or partnerships are executed as a board, not by individual Leadership Board members and their affiliations.

The beginning of the CLEAN Network Leadership board year will be September. Positions will filled in prior to summer to allow for transition by the next year (in September).

5.1 Nominations: Nominations of Leadership Board members, including self nominations, should be called for on the CLEAN Network Listserv in the spring and subsequent elections.

5.2 Elections: Elections of Co-Chairs and Leadership Board members will be held the first Leadership Board meeting in the spring for Co-Chairs.

5.2.1 Co-chairs: Two Co-chairs are elected by the Leadership Board for two-year terms, for a maximum of two terms. After at least a one year hiatus, the former Co-Chair is free to be re-nominated. Elections of Co-Chairs are to be staggered by one year to ensure continuity.

In the event a Co-Chair must step down before the end of his or her term, the Leadership Board may appoint a current active member of the CLEAN Network to fulfill the remainder of the vacated term.

5.3 Secretariat: CLEAN's funder determines the Secretariat selection, with input from the Leadership Board. There is no term limit for a Secretariat.

5.4 Coordinator: In order to ensure continuity, overlap of a month between CLEAN Coordinators is desirable. Should the Coordinator be supported by ESIP, they have a tenure of up to two years, as per ESIP Student Fellow guidelines.

5.5 Leadership Board: There is no limit to the Leadership Board term. In the event that a leadership board member is unable to complete their responsibilities, the Co-Chairs will initiate a decisional process. A member who stays unengaged for over six months will initiate such a decisional process. Leadership Board changes will be made as needed. Transitioning Leadership Board Members should ensure the maintenance of diverse makeup of the Board.