CLEAN Leadership Board Structure

The CLEAN Leadership Board was created to guide and provide vision for all CLEAN activities. The structure of the CLEAN Leadership is:

  1. The CLEAN Core team provides logistical support and planning for the advisory board, groups and forum.
  2. The CLEAN Network committee focuses on facilitating the CLEAN Network.
  3. The CLEAN Education Advisory board focuses on the CLEAN education side.
  4. The Accelerating Climate Capacity, Engagement, and Leadership Summit (ACCELS) convened by the CLEAN Network is an event that will occur virtually and bi-annually. For the first time, climate and energy literacy leaders come together to share and learn, and to explore collaborations for the next year. An analysis through the CLEAN Network shows that there is great potential to strengthen the connections among dispersed efforts. The Summit is a time to develop a learning and action network that can advance a shared vision and systemic change. Anyone who works in climate & energy education is invited to participate in the Summit. The structure of this forum is based on visioning work and recent discussions on Network calls.
  • The ACCEL Summit is made up of multiple groups that advance the agenda focused on certain topics. These groups are open to anyone who wants to lead discussion from the CLEAN Network. These topics include facilitating & structuring the CLEAN calls, DEI/Justice, Mental Health, Network Analysis, AGU workshop/Conference organization, Community engagement, Energy Education, etc.
  • The ACCEL Summit event consists of flash talks, panels, and keynotes to highlight different climate education programs.
  • There is a coordinating group that serves as a Planning Committee for the ACCEL Summit. The Summit will convene twice per year to determine the priorities of the CLEAN Network and Summit groups.