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NASA eClips: Our World: ICESat-2 Measures Ice Sheets

Kristen Erickson (NASA Official), Shannon Verstynen (Editor) , NASA eClips

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Teaching Tips

  • This would fit well with a larger lesson the climate and/or uses of satellite technology.

About the Science

  • The video covers the basics of how measuring earth's ice can allow scientists to understand the climate and climate changes.
  • It elaborates on the use of satellites, specifically ICESat-2, and how it is used to take measurements of the ice and map it.
  • The video was published in 2013, but the details within are still relevant and have not changed (though ICESat-2 launched in September 2018).
  • Passed initial science review - expert science review pending.

About the Pedagogy

  • The list of vocabulary words used in the video are useful for both teachers and students.
  • The video itself shares a clear representation for students to understand what is happening to the ice in the Arctic as a result of climate change.
  • The video is engaging and a good resource for elementary level students, it offers expert interviews as well as incorporates male and female researchers.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • A caption file can be downloaded and linked to a downloaded copy of the video. This may be challenging depending on one's familiarity with their particular media player.

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