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NRC Framework for Science Education  

This post was editted by Arafat Akinlabi on Jun, 2013
We will be discussing the NRC Framework for Science Education. We need to identify the specific items that we will be providing feedback on. Please enter those items in this discussion space so we can keep them together. Identify them by the pdf page number and the document page number (identified by section and page within the section). The link to the document is


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Here are my notes from the 7/20/10 CLN teleconference. Many things are not in complete sentences. Often we rewrote a statement which is included here along with what it was for (page number and sometimes other context) but not always most clearly labeled. If you have trouble deciphering what I wrote we can talk about it and I can probably help figure it out. I usually don't give out these kind of notes without contextualizing them a bit more, but as you know we don't have the time to worry about that now.


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I've added my notes and invite others to add comments.


CLN Teleconference Notes augmented by McCaffrey (Microsoft Word 43kB Jul21 10)


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Impressive list of points (reviewing Frank's updated version). Even on their own, these could serve as climate change guidance for educators. Elaine Andrews


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I have taken the notes posted by Mark and put our specific comments into understandable sentences. The first part of the document reflects our discussion and concerns on July 20th.

Scott is adding some background to the initial discussion. I will then integrate Marks comments which now appear at the end; and the comments that Frank sent earlier.

It may be that we provide these comments to Don for comment before finalizing.

Other comments welcome.


CLN Response to NRC Frameworks on Science Eduation (Microsoft Word 53kB Jul30 10)


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Attached here is the response Frank provided to NOAA. I think it draws on our discussion and provides a bigger picture.


Frank Niepold - response to NRC Framework provided to NOAA (Acrobat (PDF) 163kB Jul31 10)


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As Don needed input yesterday I sent both Frank's document (which I think he sent separately) as well as the draft that Scott and I were working on.

I have now integrated some of Frank's text with the document that Scott and I have been working on. I have also integrated Mark's notes from the 7/20 teleconference. Attached is the resulting document.

This needs to be submitted tomorrow morning. So I want to make sure everyone is OK with my edits. This really involves my taking two paragraphs of Frank's text and putting it at the beginning, and reorganizing Scott's text and taking out some individual comments that seems to just be hanging that we just don't have time to expand on.

I will send it in response to the email initially sending it as well as to the NRC Climate Change Education Roundtable.


CLN Response to NRC Framework on Science Education 080110 (Microsoft Word 61kB Aug1 10)


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Attached is the version of the document submitted that provides comments on the NRC Conceptual Framework on Science Education. We were not able to be comprehensive because of time constraints. Don Duggan-Haas, a CLN member and member of the Framework Earth and Space Science design team, got copies of early versions of this document as well as the final version for consideration by the design team. This document also got submitted to the NRC Climate Change Education Roundtable (Tamara Ledley is a member). We also submitted the comments to the NRC Framework committee survey. That required our breaking up the document, but we did manage to get all the recommendations included, as well as our comments on the cross cutting nature of climate change and the importance that it be included in a cross cutting way.


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