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Average daily energy use of typical American  

Makani Power's Saul Griffith created a provocative PPT and PDF in which he details his own personal daily/annual use of energy for food, travel, work, and a share of the national use of energy in defense, public safety, etc. Google him and THE GAME PLAN. But Saul is pretty atypical: before his conscious energy down-sizing over half of his annual energy use was used up by air travel. Does anyone know of current daily energy use (averaged, of course) of Americans? I.e. how much (ideally in Kws or as a percentage of total daily use) for heating a home, commuting to work, etc.? Thanks for any suggestions!


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The US Energy Information Administration has some of the answers: here's one on electrical consumption:
And here's "how much energy does a person use in a year"
"In 2007, world total primary, marketed energy consumption was 483.597 Quadrillion Btu while the United States primary energy consumption was 101.554 Quadrillion Btu, about 21% of the world total."


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