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National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)

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Principal Investigator:
David Schimel
Project Website:
National Science Foundation Grant #: 0752017

Project Description

National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) contributes to global understanding and decisions in a changing environment using scientific information about continental-scale ecology obtained through integrated observations and experiments.

NEON is an observatory managed by NEON, Inc. and funded by the National Science Foundation. NEON, Inc. itself is not a funding agency.

NEON will create a new national observatory network to collect ecological and climatic observations across the continental United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

The NEON education mission is to enable society and the scientific community to use ecological information and forecasts to understand and effectively address critical ecological questions and issues. NEON's bold aim is to translate nationalā€scale ecological data into meaningful information that citizens can understand and use.

NEON's education goals include: (1) promote and facilitate public understanding of ecological science, (2) provide tools for students, educators, scientists, and decision-makers to use NEON data to make informed decisions about ecological issues, (3) educate the next generation of ecologists to understand complex ecological systems and their associated changes, and apply this integrated knowledge to societal needs, and (4) enhance diversity within the ecological community.

NEON Education provides tools and facilitates learning experiences that engage users with different levels of knowledge, experience and skills. These tools and learning experiences are aimed at awareness, mastery, and leadership levels. This approach enables users to self-define their interests and abilities regardless of their affiliations (i.e., K-12 teacher, citizen scientist, family).

Contact Information:
NEON, Inc.
Dr. Wendy Gram
Chief of Education and Public Engagement