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Change Thinking for Global Science: Fostering and Evaluating Inquiry Thinking About the Ecological Impacts of Climate ChangeSpecies Modeling Tool Project Logo

Principal Investigators: Dr. Nancy Butler Songer, University of Michigan
Project Website: (website down) and 'Modeling Technology for Climate Change Education' YouTube video
National Science Foundation Grant # 0918590

Project Description

In education, there is an urgent need to build a solid, research-based foundation about a new and essential focus area within pre-college science education: students' complex inquiry reasoning about the ecological impacts of global climate change. Recognizing the need for empirically-informed resources, the Change Thinking project is developing eight to fourteen-week middle and high school curricular units that systematically build on students' knowledge of scientific content (e.g., greenhouse effect, albedo) and scientific practices (e.g., analyzing data, constructing an explanation). Our work has involved ongoing collaborations with scientists to identify the essential climate science knowledge to include in our learning progression, and then to manifest that content into age-appropriate activities. An important deliverable of this project is SPECIES, an online learning environment with a simplified predictive distribution modeling tool (PDM). Change Thinking project materials are geared towards a national audience.

Contact Information:

Dr. Vanessa L. Peters
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