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Current CLEAN-NE Partners

University Partners

By joining CLEAN-New England, our University Partners each strive to continue their campus efforts in climate literacy and environmental education through coursework, on-campus programming, and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. They also work to increase outreach efforts to their local community organizations focused on climate issues, to partner with local K-12 institutions around climate literacy, and to share their best practices and learning opportunities with other CLEAN-New England members. Our inaugural partners include:


Would you like to become a CLEAN-NE University Partner, and share resources, ideas, and best practices about climate education in New England? Or, would you like to work with us to partner with a college or university in your town? Or would you like to join our network of educators, students, researchers, media denizens and other citizens concerned with climate literacy? Please contact us at to get started! By signing up, you can join discussions, access information about local climate-focused events, connect with nodes, climate scientists and educators, and other interested citizens, and get regular updates about what's going on in New England.