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ADAPTATION: Invasive Carp of Kentucky

LearningMedia, Public Broadcasting Service

In this video, an entrepreneur is finding new ways to manage the invasive Asian carp problem in the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Once introduced to help mitigate an algae problem, the carp became invasive. This video highlights how the local community has adapted to the issue, including how they have gained ideas about how to utilize the carp from other cultures to help mitigate the issue.

Video length is 13:36 min

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Teaching Tips

  • This would be a great warm-up video to show the class before talking about the need for human adaptation due to climate change.
  • A fun extension activity would be for groups of students to research a way humans have already needed to adapt to climate change and make presentations to share what they learned with the class.

About the Content

  • This video gives a great example of an invasive species and what people are doing to adapt to that change.
  • While the video does not make a clear connection to climate change, instructors can make this connection by talking about how invasive species benefit from a changing climate as well as how humans' solutions to one problem may lead to other problems, and then how those new problems are mitigated.
  • Passed initial science review - expert science review pending.

About the Pedagogy

  • This is a documentary-style video where students will learn about how a Chinese-American businesswoman found a way to manage invasive carp in the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.
  • Students would need to know about invasive species and the connection to climate change prior to watching the video to fully grasp the content.
  • The content is organized and flows nicely through a combination of storytelling and narration with visuals.
  • A teacher could use this as a resource to strengthen understanding of invasive species and adaptation.
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