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Climate Heroes: Stories of Change

Momentum for Change, United Nations Climate Change Secretariat

This documentary film takes the viewer on a virtual trip around the world to visit communities in different countries (Asia, Africa, Central America, Australia) taking action on climate change. The documentary weaves together nine inspiring stories, showing that action on climate change is creating jobs, improving lives and turning dreams of a better future into reality.

video length is 22:01 minutes

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Climate Literacy

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Energy Literacy

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Teaching Tips

  • Video addresses solutions to climate change challenges in different communities - could lead to good discussions of how site-specific solutions vary widely but share similar goals and have applicability to other communities, etc. Focus is on constructive actions to live more sustainably.
  • Would be great to kick off a discussion of what individuals can do on a local level to address different issues in climate change.

About the Content

  • Video documents the efforts of communities to develop more sustainable power sources, dwellings, use of recycled materials, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, etc.
  • Comments from expert scientist: The video brings up many socio-economic ties to, consequences of, and creative solutions to mitigate climate change. It is interesting and covers a wide breadth of cultures, people, and solutions. The ties to climate change are sometimes a stretch. In some cases, especially the first story, the relationship between climate change and the story are not even explicitly made. I find this concerning because it confuses what climate change is to what the consequences and solutions might be. If the instructor using these materials is sure to clarify the delineation between climate change and its causes and its potential consequences and solutions, I think the video would be a valuable addition to climate change curriculum.

About the Pedagogy

  • Addresses community-based sustainability actions taken in diverse communities.
  • Video showcases women and underrepresented groups that have produced innovative activities to address issues in changing climate.
  • An excellent resource to begin the discussion of what people can do to address changes in climate.
  • Educational resources for teachers or students are not provided but could be developed (e.g. school or community sustainability project).

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Can be downloaded.
  • Close-captioning in Spanish is available.
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