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Four Generations of Green

Climate Solutions, Solution Stories

This video features the story of a multi-generational, family-run dairy business in Oregon. The family strives for sustainability in their operations by conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gases across many aspects of their business.

Video length is 2:18 min.

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Climate Literacy
About Teaching Climate Literacy

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About Teaching the Guiding Principle
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Energy Literacy

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4.7 Different sources of energy have different benefits and drawbacks.
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5.1 Energy decisions are made at many levels.
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6.6 Behavior and design.

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Teaching Tips

  • Real stories of sustainability in local communities are powerful examples of the actions that humans can take to make a difference.
  • Very useful in a discussion of sustainable agribusiness and humans taking action to reduce their contribution to climate change.
  • Great tool and story to begin sustainable practices and/or energy conservation and/or renewable energy discussions. Provokes further research.

About the Science

  • Jock and Buzz Gibson are the managers of Lochmead Dairy Farm, a fourth-generation, family-owned dairy farm in central Oregon. For the past 50 years, the dairy has demonstrated wisdom in thinking locally and reducing its carbon footprint in an industry that is typically a heavy emitter of greenhouse gases.
  • The video briefly discusses the business decisions they've made to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Comments from expert scientist:
    Scientific strengths:
    - the link to the more information is really helpful
    - lists several ways in which the dairy farm is sustainable (solar panels, locally sold, methane digester)

    - Doesn't really explain how a methane digester works, but easy to look up online for more information

About the Pedagogy

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Can be viewed in high definition on desktop screen or projector.

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