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A Rising Tide - Linking Ocean and Ice

Ari Daniel Shapiro, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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This audio slideshow/video describes the Greenland ice sheet and the difficulties in getting scientific measurements at the interface between the ice and the ocean. It features the work of a researcher from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute researcher. She gives a personal account of her work on the recent increase in melting of glaciers, the challenges of working in Greenland, and the reasons why so many climate scientists are looking there for answers to questions about climate change.

Video length 6:16 minutes.

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High School: 3 Disciplinary Core Ideas

Climate Literacy
About Teaching Climate Literacy

Observations are the foundation for understanding the climate system
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Sea level rise and resulting impacts is due to melting ice and thermal expansion and increases the risk
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Teaching Tips

  • Best used in a high school or college oceanography course.
  • This resource provides a great answer to the question -- what do scientists do?

About the Science

  • Video includes animation of ocean current circulation and its interaction with the Greenland ice sheet.
  • Comment from expert scientist: The video shows up-to-date information linking dynamics in the North Atlantic Ocean, dynamics in the Greenland ice sheet, seasonal variability, and consequences (sea level rise). It also shows compelling footage and has descriptions of what it takes for scientists to actually obtain relevant data - good personal interest and "process of science" information.

About the Pedagogy

  • This resource is focused on the work of physical oceanographer, Fiamma Straneo. It provides sufficient scientific context to understanding what she is doing and why. It is not designed to directly stimulate inquiry or the asking of further questions.
  • A good scientist/narrator shows students how science is done and that research is a tough job!

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • The resource includes many stunning images and video. The animation is well-designed.
  • The resource requires the Flash player plugin for web browsers.
  • It may be difficult to project this resource in a classroom.
  • Slow to load in some cases.

Next Generation Science Standards See how this Video supports:

High School

Disciplinary Core Ideas: 3

HS-ESS2.C1:The abundance of liquid water on Earth’s surface and its unique combination of physical and chemical properties are central to the planet’s dynamics. These properties include water’s exceptional capacity to absorb, store, and release large amounts of energy, transmit sunlight, expand upon freezing, dissolve and transport materials, and lower the viscosities and melting points of rocks.

HS-ESS2.D1:The foundation for Earth’s global climate systems is the electromagnetic radiation from the sun, as well as its reflection, absorption, storage, and redistribution among the atmosphere, ocean, and land systems, and this energy’s re-radiation into space.

HS-ESS2.D3:Changes in the atmosphere due to human activity have increased carbon dioxide concentrations and thus affect climate.

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