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Energy 101: Solar PV

Department of Energy

This video, from the US Department of Energy, shows the basics of how a PV panel converts light radiated from the sun into usable power, whether on the electric grid or off, and without emissions or the use of fossil fuels.

Video length 2 min.

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Teaching Tips

About the Science

  • A very clear visual and verbal explanation of how a PV panel works. Discusses light as a photon.
  • Comments from expert scientist:
    Scientific Strengths:
    - A good non-scientific introduction to the topic. Not much has changed since it was made, so still accurate.
    - The video is clear, interesting and has high production values
    - This resource ducks the hard-to-explain question of why the electrons flow in the direction they go to develop a voltage, instead of in both directions.
    - This resource was made before photovoltaics became and energy-significant (>1%) source of electricity in the U.S. and worldwide, so it is not actually optimistic enough about the potential.

About the Pedagogy

  • The main message of the video is that PV systems generate power without pollution as they convert the sun's energy into electricity.

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