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CLEAN Teleconference Call September 1, 2020

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Could GeoCollaborate Be a Resource for Climate and Environmental Learning in this COVID-19 World?

Abstract: I am not a teacher, but I often think of myself as an educator. As a former broadcast meteorologist frequently talk to kids about technology and tools like satellites, radar, rain gauges and thunder makers (technical term) to explain the weather and why we need to observe the weather better every day...and I also talk to some adults...when they feel like listening.

Twelve years ago my team and I invented a technology with the purpose of connecting subject matter experts (primarily scientists) with decision makers in a 5-year long effort to evolve a capability to share data across platforms and to engage those decision makers in looking at actual data. The only thing that existed before GeoCollaborate was screen sharing technologies like WebEx, GoToMeeting, GoogleHangout/Meet...and of course now Zoom. There was no technology that could enable the access and sharing of data in a collaboration session and let the followers or collaborators actually interact with the data. Since 2010 GeoCollaborate has evolved and is now getting noticed...and licensed by decision makers. I have always thought, however, that there are many more applications for GeoCollaborate such as education. So for the next 30 minutes I would like to show you GeoCollaborate and get your feedback as we try to understand how it might be used in the formal learning environment as well as the informal learning environment. Thanks for attending my show and tell...and giving me the feedback that could launch an environmental science education revolution. You can even follow in real-time when I give you a URL...awesome! :)

Bio: Dave spent nearly a decade (1990s) as an on-air broadcast meteorologist for NBC4 in Washington, DC, appeared on NBC's Today Show multiple times and designed and launched the very first TV weather website in the nation, WeatherNet4 (1995). He also co-organizes and hosts the Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit, a national summit that brings together TV meteorologists and scientists to advance TV meteorologists' understanding and communication of extreme weather impacts and climate science to build a more resilient nation. With NASA support StormCenter delivered the 2017 solar eclipse LIVE to an audience of millions from Salem, Oregon. With support from NOAA and NASA StormCenter has also produced a live-streamed workshop for broadcast meteorologists in conjunction with the 2016 launch of GOES-R advanced weather satellite from Kennedy Space Center. Dave is frequently invited to make keynote presentations to groups across the nation and stresses the importance of integrating science and earth observing results into the decision-making process to improve resilience to extreme weather and the impacts of a changing climate. Dave has also worked for the nation's leading private weather company and at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.

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