CLEAN Teleconference Call October 15, 2019

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Frank Granshaw: Climate Science for Nonscientists: Experience and Experiments

Abstract: Global Environmental Change (GEC) is an introductory climate science course that has been taught at Portland State University since 1998. As part of the University Studies program at PSU it is a general studies course that includes both science and non-science majors. Initially GEC was taught largely as a historical geology / climatology course - understandable since it has almost always been taught by geologists. I began teaching the course in 2014 and am teaching it now for seventh time. During that period those of us teaching the course have broadened it to include topics such as energy technology, climate policy, and societal impacts. This year is particularly noteworthy since the course has been overhauled to include several major experiments. Chief amongst these are a new resource manual designed to move the course towards more of workshop format, a capstone project involving student teams producing virtual posters that we hope will be presented at COP25, and a virtual bridge to COP25 to give students proxy experience with this critical international process. This CLEAN webcast is meant to showcase our experience and seek help from the CLEAN community in developing these new facets of GEC.

Bio: I am a retired community college geoscience instructor now heavily involved in climate education and advocacy work in northwestern Oregon. I am by training a glacial geologist and a physicist, as well as a veteran science museum educator. I'm also an insufferably proud grandpa, which has a lot to do with why I do what I do.

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