CLEAN Teleconference Call November 7, 2023

[narrowimage 256640 noborder Preparing to Deliver Meaningful Climate Change Education to Secondary Students (Acrobat (PDF) 3.5MB Dec1 23)]
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Provenance: Daniela Pennycook, University of Colorado at Boulder
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Provenance: Noun Project
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Abstract: In his presentation, Tim will go through the process he followed in designing and implementing a climate change course for high school students, and discuss opportunities and drawbacks of this type of CCE intervention. Participants will leave with a set of rationale for why this may be a strong and scalable approach to CCE, as well as a framework that could be used to create locally relevant programming.  Additionally, generalisable Pedagogical Content Knowledge that was learned in the process of teaching an interdisciplinary climate course will be discussed that has relevance for CCE regardless of its scope.

Bio: Tim Muhich is a PhD student at the University of Michigan's School for the Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) where he is researching how to get schools to implement high-quality and comprehensive climate change education that builds societal response on top of learning climate science.  Before he joined SEAS, Tim taught high school science for a decade where he introduced a semester-long elective class on climate change. The popularity of the class with students and the outcomes it produced in their taking meaningful individual and community action as well as choosing to pursue climate change related career paths after graduating convinced Tim he needed to find a way to provide that opportunity to more students.  On top of the course, Tim worked with a group of students to put on a yearly climate symposium for high school students to attend online with strands on climate science, policy, and justice.  Tim still advises the symposium group, and the climate course remains popular with a new teacher.

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