CLEAN Teleconference Call November 5, 2019

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Celia Gurney: Climate Nexus

Abstract: Fossil fuel companies have long pushed for individual behavior change as a way to distract the public from the large-scale changes that ultimately need to take place at the corporate and government levels. Yet it's also true that people taking action in their personal lives is one of the best ways to build momentum for policy change. Additionally, individual actions provide tangible goals for audiences, showing them a way through climate despair.

A new video campaign launching later this month will leverage creative, humorous content to drive awareness and adoption of individual actions that combat climate change — ultimately steering people toward the most important individual climate action: voting. On this CLEAN webcast, Celia will share drafts of the videos and seek advice from the CLEAN community on how to get them out into the world.

Bio: Celia Gurney is writer, improviser and climate change communications professional based in New York. She is currently a senior associate at Climate Nexus, where she annoys her coworkers by doing things like wearing a Bob Ross wig to meetings. She loves to chat about merging climate change and comedy, so feel free to reach out! You can find her on Twitter at @celiagdisease.

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