CLEAN Teleconference Call November 13, 2018

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Comprehensive Workforce Development for Social and Environmental Justice

Abstract: Solar One is an environmental sustainability education organization based in New York City. The organization was founded in 2004 to manage Stuyvesant Cove Park- an all native plant park located on the banks of the East River in Manhattan, but has since grown into a multifaceted renewable and energy efficiency education operation. In addition to workforce development programs, Solar One has installed over 2 megawatts of photovoltaics on low income housing in New York City, become a central coordinator of citywide and regional climate and energy discussions, set in motion the construction of a state of the art environmental education center, and continued to manage and improve the park that was their birthplace. Solar One is supporting NYC's climate action plan by implementing high impact actions that accelerate near-term greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

Bio: Sarah Pidgeon joined Solar One in 2009 and saw the growth of the K-12 Green Design Lab program from a small scale pilot to its current reach of over 700 schools. Sarah is passionate about fighting climate change and inspiring New Yorkers to bring environmental sustainability into their schools and communities. Prior to joining Solar One, Sarah worked as an educator at the Center for the Urban Environment in Brooklyn, where she taught classes in Urban Design and Ecology. Sarah holds an MBA in Management for Mission Driven Organizations from Marlboro College in Vermont.

Solar One has two workforce development programs aimed at different audiences: the Green Workforce Training program and the K-12 Green Design Lab Program. These programs help to ensure that all New Yorkers can contribute to a more just and sustainable city by providing traditionally under-served populations access to workforce training.

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