CLEAN Teleconference Call November 12, 2019

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Arlae Castellanos: Achieving Whole School Sustainability is Challenging. This Online Tracking Tool Can Help

Abstract: Achieving whole school sustainability requires integrating effective practices across educational programs, physical place, and organizational culture. But how do you track and measure your success? START is a standardized, benchmarking online tool that helps schools create a healthier and more sustainable environment by assessing needs, clearly defining steps and activities, and tracking actions. In this session, discover how START encompasses more than 50 metrics that allow for internal or peer benchmarking by the entire school community, from students to faculty and staff. START's rating system helps schools understand the cost, difficulty, and impact of each action and which to implement to reach their goals.

Bio: Arle is the Executive Director & Sustainability Tracking Program Director (START) of the Green Schools Alliance. Having spent extensive time in Africa developing and implementing entrepreneurship and permaculture programs has given her an out of the box approach to problem-solving and addressing sustainability hurdles through creative means. The programs she develops engage the larger school community that helps bridge the relationship between actions and outcomes in environmental system. Arlae has taught high school through college grads on a variety of subjects ranging from energy auditing, solar for the developing world, sustainable architectural design and entrepreneurship. Arlae melds her capacity to extrapolate schools' needs with real-world applications to manage and develop the Alliances premier sustainability tool, START

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