CLEAN Teleconference Call May 30, 2023

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Fighting in a World on Fire: How to Gain Traction? with Jimmy Whips

Abstract: As with the original book, Andreas Malm's best seller, How To Blow Up A Pipeline, there is nothing in our book about how to blow up a pipeline– rather, it is intended to spark conversation and action around the need to commit deeply to fighting climate catastrophe.

The book offers a look at how historic movements have been successful, and how to bring those lessons into the climate movement. We hope it can offer activists an injection of hope, and introduce both young people and people new to climate organizing to the movement's history and potential.

What kinds of drastic steps are needed? What kind of bold actions can the climate justice movement begin using to bring a stop to climate destruction, and that can be employed alongside existing strategies of mass protest, awareness-building, and legal appeals? Why does our society consider profit for oil companies more important than the future of young people and the health of our shared environment?

Bio: Jimmy is a lifetime resident of Portland, Oregon. He is enjoying a 20-plus-year career in education, primarily as a middle school social sciences teacher. He has been involved in a variety of actions, marches, and protests. Fighting In A World On Fire is his first book adaptation.

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