Initial Publication Date: October 13, 2022

CLEAN Teleconference Call March 8, 2022

Programming at NCSE

Abstract: According to a 2020 study, 38% of Americans do not accept anthropogenic climate change. Additionally, a 2016 study found that while approximately 75% of science teachers address climate change in the classroom, students are receiving inconsistent messaging. The study also found that teachers want more professional development to increase content knowledge and support how they teach climate change. When teachers use a curriculum that addresses common climate change misconceptions, student learning increases, and students are inoculated against future misinformation. The National Center for Science Education has created a series of five lesson sets aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, which provides teachers with a step-by-step curriculum to tackle students' misconceptions. These lessons can be used as a multi-week curriculum or in addition to other curricula. This talk will cover the scope and sequence of the lesson sets, the misconceptions addressed, and the tools used to address them.


Lin Andrews: Director of Teacher Support
Lin joined NCSE in 2019 after teaching biology for 18 years. While Lin misses teaching, joining the NCSE team has been an opportunity to help drive a solid science foundation for students all over the nation and gives her the chance to help teachers navigate the often turbulent waters of overcoming misconceptions in biology and climate science.

Cari Herndon: Curriculum Specialist
Cari joined NCSE in 2021 after teaching middle school science for nine years. She earned her master's degree in secondary education from DePaul University and is passionate about creating inclusive science curricula. As part of the Supporting Teachers team, Cari designs curricula aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards that provide teachers with the tools to help students overcome misconceptions about climate change and evolution.

Recording for this telecon is not available.

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