CLEAN Teleconference Call March 22, 2016

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RE-AMP and Collective Impact

The Midwestern states make an outsized contribution to global warming pollution. Recognizing that collective action would be far more effective than organizations working in isolation, the RE-AMP Network was established to support clean energy advocacy in eight Midwest states with the audacious goal of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 (from 2005 levels). The RE-AMP Network has evolved over twelve years starting with an analysis of the electricity system and what it would take to sever carbon polluting fossil fuels (particularly coal's) stronghold. The RE-AMP Network, now with 170 member organizations, supports its members to think systemically and work collaboratively to achieve our audacious goal. The webinar will cover RE-AMP's structure, achievements, and challenges with time for discussion.

Jennie Curtis is the founding executive director of the Garfield Foundation, a private foundation launched in 2001. In 2003, Jennie proposed that the Garfield Foundation apply a systems thinking approach to at least one sector to better understand and solve a specified entrenched problem, and to build stronger collaborative partnerships within philanthropic and advocate communities. The selected project, advancing renewable energy in the Midwest, evolved into the RE-AMP Network now a coalition of 170 organizations collaborating to drastically reduce global warming pollution. Jennie serves on the RE-AMP steering committee, and co-chairs its executive committee.

Gail Francis is the Knowledge Manager for RE-AMP, a network of 174 organizations working to transform the Midwest's energy systems to rely on clean, safe, and renewable fuels. In this role she helps members learn from each other and to obtain the knowledge they need to succeed in their work, and she ensures that RE-AMP updates its methodology based on what is learned in the course of the work. Prior to joining RE-AMP, she founded the Labor in the New Energy Economy Program at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy. She previously worked as a labor and community organizer.

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